App-Centric Kubernetes platform

for webscale deployments and maintenance
Requires absolutely no expertise on Kubernetes or Docker.

Save time and effort

Rapid TransformationComprehensive Cloud Native Service Catalog

Use ready-to-use and reconfigurable service templates to increase DevOps team's productivity and drastically reduce the Cloud Native transformation efforts.

Deploy with certainty

Policy based managementBetter governance of Kubernetes Deployments

Proactively set controls, measure and perform the perfect Cloud Native deployments with policies governing resource consumption, security, scalability and application maintenance.

Effectively manage stateful applications

Manage Stateful Workloads with easeVolume monitoring, Volume retention and Session management

Retain data across application upgrades, and ensure data reliability. Monitor and manage multiple Volumes across different services in a single dashboard.

App Centric DevOps

Whitepaper Getting applications to market with speed and reliability while building an engaging customer base has become a highly sought after competitive advantage. Cloud technology is a key enabler in accelerating the time to market as it reduces the operational overhead to provision and maintain environments ...

DevOps platform for Kubernetes

Includes everything your team needs to build, deploy and maintain Cloud Native applications

Source to Image

No hassle of creating Dockerfiles. gopaddle automatically generates Docker images from source code.

Routes Management

Route traffic to respective services using the in-built ingress controllers.


Secure access to services by setting firewall rules that control traffic between services and external web.

Stateful Applications

Easily scale stateful applications like MySQL, mongodb etc with replication. gopaddle takes care of scaling the datastores along side the application.

Application Logs

Use fluentd, ELK or any other logging services of your choice and get a complete insight in to application, and infrastructure.

Application Monitoring

In-built Prometheus monintoring provides in-depth insight in to the application metrics as well the other event metrics like scaling, rolling updates etc.

Are you rearchitecting your monolithic applications to Cloud Native deployments ?

Unleash the power of Kubernetes with our
Enterprise Grade Platform

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Container Catalog
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Application Metrics
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Persistent Volume Options
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Storage Usage Metrics
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Service Revisions History

Proof of Concept

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Cloud Native deployments in 4 simple steps

How it Works


Define Containers

Define how your Docker containers should look like and gopaddle will automatically generate the docker files.


Create Application Templates

Create an application template that includes multiple containers, their dependencies and set policies on how these containers have to be deployed.


Provision Kubernetes Clusters

Provision Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud platforms using a simple wizard. gopaddle will take care of monitoring and automatically scaling the infrastructure as and when the workload needs additional resources.


Launch Templates

Launch the template on a Kubernetes cluster of your choice. See the Cloud Native application in action.

Application Centric Management

Application DashboardDeploy, Update and Monitor Services

Monitor and manage multiple services in an application in a single application centric dashboard.

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DevOps in a box

gopaddle 'Lite' All the automation you need is now available as a minimal version.

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Launch popular platforms in Distributed mode

Ecommerce Platforms

Scipio ERP is an open source eCommerce solution for complex business applications. The vast set of standard applications really lend themselves to further customization.