Reduce Cost & Complexity

Modernizing applications can be time consuming and complex due to vendor specific technology stack and legacy architecture. Break free from vendor lock-in and reduce cost & complexity of your modernization efforts through our consulting, tools and products.

Migrate to Cloud

Lift and Shift applications to Cloud without modifiying your legacy applications. gopaddle Sail and our command line utility are great tools to migrate your legacy applications to Cloud.

SaaSify Applications

Re-architect and move to Domain Driven Development (DDD) model. Analyze your legacy application using gopaddle's Entity Analyzer and get recommendations on architectural considerations.

Go Agile

Automate end-to-end CI/CD pipelines instantaneously. gopaddle offers command line utility and intuite UI to generate Kubernets artifacts like Helm Charts and has in-built integrations for Continous Integration and Continuous Deployments.

Reduce Operational Cost

Reduce your infrastructure and cloud costs by standarzing, centralizing and visualizing the infrastructure management.

Simplify Transformation

Modernize or containerize legacy applications. Identify functional boundaries, make the functions more modular, deploy them as containers. Analyse existing datamodels, code constructs and use recommended architectural designs.

Our Consulting Engagements

Customized Solution for your specific modernization goals

Whatever your choice of modernization strategy, we offer consulting, tools and platform that can accelerate your modernization efforts.

Migrate workloads to Kubernetes

Lift and shift your legacy applications, databases or port Cloud-native applications across Kubernetes environments.
Legacy Apps
Move your legacy applications and their dependencies from traditional servers or VMs to Kubernetes environments.
Standardize your operational practices by moving database services and their data to Kubernetes environments.
GitOps Apps
Generate Helm Charts from GitOps YAML files or generate a portable gopaddle template that can be deployed on any Kubernetes environment.
Cloud-Native Apps
Move a Cloud-Native application across Kubernetes environments across different Cloud Service Providers.

Host your workloads alongside other applications

Leverage managed services or off-the-shelf services without modifying the core application stack.
Leverage out-of-the-box automation and integration. With 30+ pre-built integrations, you can save up to 80% of your time and effort in replatforming your services.
gopaddle marketplace hosts around 30+ ready-to-use templates like distributed databases, ERP solutions, logging and analytics framework. Subscribe and reuse these templates for a quick transformation.

Move to Domain Driven Development

Modernize or containerize legacy applications. Identify functional boundaries, make the functions more modular, deploy them as containers.
  • Analyse existing datamodel
  • Analyse existing code constructs
  • Generate architecture recommendations


While the benefits application modernization seem significant, not all monolithic applications can be modernized. Some applications require re-designing and re-factoring and thus can be unfit for modernization. The cost and effort required to modernize those applications may outweigh the benefits of modernization ...
Apache Ofbiz is a popular enterprise platform to build and host business applications and modern eCommerce stores. It is a monolith application which can be deployed and managed in a distributed mode. This case study discusses the approach and the benefits of using gopaddle to re-platform Apache Ofbiz and deploy to Kubernetes.

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