Out of the boxContainerization and Distributed Build environments

Define Cloud Native services, generate Dockerfiles automatically and perform Continuous Integration (CI). With Deck's managed build environments, you can perform unlimited concurrent builds and tune the environments with custom build capacity.

Simple and Intuitive

How it works ?

Deck provides an intuitive UI to define containers in a developer friendly way. No prior knowledge of Docker is required. Once Continous Integration option is enabled, Deck automatically builds the Docker images in a dedicated & scalable distributed build environment and pushes docker images to your desired Docker registry.

DevOps in a box

gopaddle 'Lite' All the automation you need is now available as a minimal version.

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Why Deck ?


  • Source to Image conversion

    Define containers in a developer friendly way and generate Dockerfiles automatically. gopaddle provides a guided approach to creating containers that are suitable for Cloud Native deployments. Workloads supported: All linux flavors including .NET core.

  • Dedicated & Distributed multi-platform build environments

    We allocate dedicated build hosts so that your build artifacts are secure. You can perform unlimited concurrent builds as the in-built managed build environments can scale both veritcally and horizontally. Based on your workloads, you can increase the build capacity vertically. Based on the number & frequency of simultanous builds, you can increase the build concurrency to scale the environment horizontally.

  • Build data retention

    We manage the build artifcats and dependencies efficiently so that you get optimal build performance. Data is retained across builds and you have the flexibility of increasing the retention by adding more disk capacity to Deck.

  • Easy debugging

    Deck provides build logs, build events and console that helps in easy debugging.