Multi and Hybrid Cloudmanagement from single control plane

Register your Kubernetes Clusters, Deploy and Monitor Cloud Native Applications, Perform Rolling Updates, Rollbacks and Blue/Green deployments without the hassle of writing YAML files.

Simple and Intuitive

How it works ?

Define your application templates composing multiple services. Using these templates you can perform single deployments to multiple kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds. Propeller provides managed ingress controller per application, provides inbuilt monitoring using Prometheus and retains the logs and metrics for a longer duration (default 6 months). You can increase the retention period by buying more disk capacity. Since every resource in your deployment is version controlled, you get a better traceability of the updates performed through Propeller.

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DevOps in a box

gopaddle 'Lite' All the automation you need is now available as a minimal version.

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Why Propeller ?


  • Single Click Deployments

    Application configurations are captured as reusable templates. These templates can be deployed on different environments with environment specific tunables.

  • Managed Ingress Controller per application

    gopaddle provisions managed ingress controller for each application deployed. You can tune the routing rules, stickness and cookie configurations based on your application need.

  • Managed monitoring using Prometheus

    gopaddle provides managed Prometheus based monitoring with extended retention of logs. You can increase the retition by adding additional disk capacity.

  • Policy based management

    Every IT resource within application is managed through policies like network access, storage provisioning and capacity. This gives better control of the deployments and application maintenance.