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What Our Users Are Saying

SmartHub's INFER Edge Solutions needed the ability to provision our services across various public clouds in addition to on premise k8s environments. Using gopaddle's Propeller and the team's support, it was relatively easy for us to deploy our large set of microservices and stateful components on k8s across clouds. We are also looking forward to leveraging their operations and monitoring capabilities.

Ajith Kumar Ravindranathan
Technical Leadership, Distributed Systems as SaaS/On-Prem Services, SmartHub

I have used several PaaS platforms before. I have familiarity with using OpenShift and I have a little bit inclination towards platforms that are very developer focused - as a developer how do I manage the complexity with migration applications to kubernetes. gopaddle lite was a nice tool. What I like about gopaddle lite - Very nice web user interface, very easy to deploy applications, good marketplace. All these board well for developers.

Senthil Raja Chermapandian
Kube-fledged mantainer, gopaddle lite Community User

What gopaddle can do for you

Automate Code to Kubernetes transformation

Accelerate Modernization

Unlock the potential of your applications, capture new revenue opportunities and exceed customer expectations by modernizing your legacy and green field applications rapidly.
  • Create new business value from legacy applications
  • Modernize microservices and deploy to Kubernetes instantly
  • Migrate databases and services to Kubernetes seamlessly
Automate Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

Increase Productivity

Be the first to market and lead the change. Leverage Out-of-the-box DevOps capabilities in the platform to simplify and automate your software delivery and maintenance.
Eliminate manual errors due to human factor and save time to modernize applications. Debug and resolve issues faster than before using the built-in developer tools.
Increase release velocity by automating release pipelines in simple steps. Synchronize communication across the team through a unified dashboard.
Centralized Multi-Cloud and Edge Management

Increase Operational Efficiency

Spice up your 'cloud first' strategy with multi and hybrid cloud enablement. Avoid vendor lock-in and give the flexibility of choice to your teams to bring their own cloud and infrastructure.
  • Multi-Cloud Cluster Provisioning (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Scalable Storage management solution for stateful applications
  • Manage Edge & On-premise Hybrid Environments
  • Goverance and compliance

Seamless Integrations

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