A complete DevOps Tool Chain

Integrations SupportedEnd-to-End Tool chain

gopaddle integrates with all the popular DevOps tools to provide a complete end-to-end pipeline for Cloud Native Deployments. Some of these integrations are built-in to the platform. Integrations can be extended using our webhooks and REST APIs.

  • Cloud Platforms

    All major cloud platforms like Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) from AWS, Google Container Engine (GKE) from Google Cloud, Azure Container Service (AKS) from Azure and any Managed Kubernetes Service.
  • Source Control Repositories

    All major source control repositories like github, gitlab, bitbucket. Source control repositories can be either managed version or self-hosted versions (public/private).
  • Docker Registries

    Amazon ECR, Google GCR and JFrog registries are supported.
  • Continuous Monitoring

    Prometheus integration for both infrastructure and application level monitoring. Customized alerts for application specific events.
  • Continuous Logging

    Any logging tools/platforms can be used. The platform provides sample fluentd service that can be integrated with your application. The default fluentd service can be customised to push the logs to your ELK stack.
  • Alerting

    Alerts can be received in the form of mail or SMS. Pagerduty, Amazon SNS and Webhook based alerts are supported.
  • Blue/Green and Canary deployments

    gopaddle intergrates with Istio for more complex deployment use cases like Blue/Green or Canary based deployments.
  • Pipelines

    Webhooks from gopaddle can be used for creating customised pipelines in Jenkins