HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

HPE Ezmeral Runtime provides an enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernetes at scale for a wide range of use cases on bare metal or VMs. HPE Ezmeral and gopaddle solution gives an end-to-end no code cloud native transformation for hybrid cloud workloads.

NTT Data Intellilink

NTT DATA INTELLILINK is specialists company for providing value to their customers through design, implementation and operation of mission critical information and communication systems platform built with the latest technologies.


Storidge was built on the idea that operating storage for enterprise applications should be really simple. By automating storage operations for orchestration systems, such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, it saves time and money by eliminating the need for expensive expertise to setup, and operate storage infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform

Using gopaddle, Google Cloud users can turn their GKE clusters in to build and deployment environments.