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Cloud-agnostic container platforms - it's all to play for

Avoiding lock-in when making multi-cloud decisions is a top of mind topic for infrastructure architects. The options are getting better.

Adrift with Kubernetes? Check out goPaddle

After Amazon Web Services, Mesosphere and Docker all announced support for the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine in late 2017, Forrester has declared Kubernetes the winner in the enterprise orchestration race. It urges investing in Kubernetes skills and pilots, but warns of deployment and integration challenges....

Are DevOps responsibilities in production unfair to developers?

Developers, who've always had a what's not to like? attitude about DevOps, have finally found something not to like: the prospect of having to wear a pager. Long a symbol of the operations side, the pager is now also a symbol of real DevOps, as developers at apparel and footwear brand

Building a micro-service architecture based cloud application on Azure

Smart devices and explosion of data clubbed with one-click-away user experience is pushing the application architectures to be revamped. World 2020 is predicted to handle four billion connected people with 25+ million applications processing 40 petabytes of data...