Deploy 2X times faster by reducing manual errors

Speed up your deployments by leveraging built-in automation and YAML free wizards to create robust deployments.

YAML Free transformation

Use GUI based wizards and command line utility to create and manage Kubernetes artifacts. Visualize resource dependencies in a user friendly dashboard.

Templatize your deployments

Build Comprehensive deployment templates that can be built-once and deployed-anywhere. Share templates as a contract between Dev, QA and Ops teams and standardize CI/CD release pipelines.

Simplified Day 2 Operations

Leverage built-in developer tools like logging and console access to identify and debug issues quickly.

Policy driven deployments

Set capacity, network and security policies for provisioning resources in Kubernetes.

Out-of-the-box DevOps tools

Deploy faster with in-built Monitoring, logging, alerting, auditing and role based access controls.

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For DevOps Engineers

Subscribe to gopaddle and start registering your pre-existing clusters. Setup teams and access controls. Share access crendentials with your team for building and deploying applications.
Register an external cluster

For Developers

Onboard Docker Image based containers to gopaddle using GUI based wizard.
Explore the init process

For Solution Architects

Create comprehensive Deployment Templates and apply relevant policies.
Create a Deployment Template

For Quality Assurance Engineers

Make use of deployment templates and environments to run regressions test suites.
Set up CI/CD pipelines